Sneak Legion

Terms of service

Welcome to Sneak Legion! This is a collaboration between you and Sneak and we can't wait to see you shouting loud! As a Sneak advocate, you'll play a crucial role in championing our products/services and helping us reach new heights. Here's what we expect from you:

Scope of Work:

Once you have completed a few easy tasks, you will be rewarded with affiliate recognition. Sneak expects you to post at least once on your preferred platform within 30 days after receiving your Sneak product. After the first post goes live, you are free to take part in as many tasks as you please. Each task rewards you with points which enable you to level up through each tier of the program. Each time you level up you will unlock bigger and better rewards and exclusive community perks, so don’t forget to continually share the Sneak love! We expect you to post on your preferred social platform each time you receive more Sneak product.

Content Expectations:

When posting on social media, you must include: Tags to all relevant Sneak channels (@sneakenergy) Brand hashtag: #sneakenergy Imagery that is respectful and appropriate for all audiences.

When posting on social media, you must not include: References to products/services from any other brands. Mentions, images or references to any offensive, harmful, or illegal content. Degenerative comments towards competitors, employees, social personalities or religious characters. Content that infringes on the intellectual property rights or privacy of any third party.

As a member of Sneak Legion, you are agreeing that any content you submit to the program may be used and re-purposed by Sneak for promotional, marketing and advertising purposes, both online and offline, without any compensation beyond the benefits provided as part of Sneak Legion.

Wherever possible, Sneak Legion will credit you as the creator of the content by using your social media handle, name or username. However, due to technical limitations or space constraints, explicit attribution may not always be possible.


You or Sneak are able to delete your Sneak Legion account at any time.

Your partnership may be terminated by Sneak if: You fail to post at least once on your preferred social media platform within 30 days after receiving your Sneak product. Your account is inactive for a period of 1 month or longer. You fail to meet the program expectations, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Posting or submitting content that is of low quality.
  • Posting or submitting content that doesn’t adhere to our Sneak guidelines.
  • Posting or submitting content that doesn’t meet the terms outlined in the Scope of Work.

If you’re happy with all of the points mentioned above, let’s go!

Please confirm you have read and understood our Scope of Work and therefore acknowledge our expectations of you as a Sneak advocate.

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